Looking after your safety

Receiving help from volunteersIf you, or friends or family are receiving help from volunteers, please take the following precautions:

Don’t give money to anyone at the door or over the phone. If you must pay for shopping, then do so when you have received it.
Don’t open the door and accept help from someone you do not know. If organisations are sending people out to provide help, they will usually use a password which will have been sent out to you in advance.
Don’t give any personal details or banking details to anyone over the phone.
Don’t let strangers into your home.

During this time, while the vast majority of people's intentions are well meant, as at any time, we should take reasonable precautions to ensure we are not putting ourselves at risk.
New groups and organisationsA lot of the groups on corona-helpers.co.uk are new and have formed in response to the corona crisis.

When accessing these groups, please use your judgement as you would in usual circumstances.

If you have any concerns about a group, please let us know by contacting us