We are currently living in special times. Everyone is busy with the COVID-19 virus. We need to help each other even more in times of emergency and crisis. That is why Spark Somerset and Deedmob have launched the website On this website, help providers and people asking for help come together to help each other in times of the corona crisis. Together we are strong.

The Coronavirus outbreak puts many people in difficulty. Those most affected are the sick and at-risk groups, as well as those with vital occupations. "To limit the impact of the Coronavirus, we need to do more for each other: think about shopping for people with symptoms, picking up medicines, walking the dog, and so on. Only in this way can we reduce the spread of the virus, "said Boudewijn Wijnands, CEO of Deedmob.

Sign up at you can offer to help, but also to be helped. Anyone can register. Also register your organisation (such as hospital, charity, local coronavirus group, etc.) to put your requests for help online. With this, all Corona helpers in Somerset can easily find you.