Start a movement

To mitigate the effects of coronavirus we need to do more for each other: grocery shopping for people with symptoms, collect medication, walk the dog, etc. Only by helping each other can we reduce the spread of the virus.

The amount of help requests is still controllable. That's why it's incredibly important that as many people as possible who can help sign up. We need to prepare ourselves as a society.

For these reasons we're opening up for local governments, companies, clubs/societies, schools and all other possible organisations to start their own movements against the virus.

All members will be gathered in a central place and are directly matched with possible requests for help. As a result, we create a clear overview for local organisations to find people who can offer help.

Step 1: Create an organisationBy creating an organisation on you can start your movement
Step 2: Edit and add requests for help (optional)Are you an organisation that collects requests for help? Then this step is relevant to you
Step 3: Go to your page and share it with your communityYou've got your own counter so that you can keep track of the number of people that your organisation mobilised to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Share your link!

Organisations that already started movements against Coronavirus