About West Coker Covid 19

The village group has put an awful lot of thought and hard work putting a plan together including safety of volunteer and ‘person in need’, producing ID cards, put ‘Safe’ security word in place, gloves and masks where possible, gathered a substantial food larder with each item logged, organised key volunteers to be able to collect prescriptions. There is a core team which included a communications, visit coordinator, larder logger/coordinator etc.

The volunteers will do shopping, collecting prescriptions/medicines/pensions, provide obscure items such as USB plug! - secure processes are in place. But is there any point if this groups work is going to come to nothing.

We have set up an email address and messaging and notices in local newsletters and social media.

We are all really keen for aid to be provided to those who are not in a position to help themselves in this village during this time. The food bank has been existence for about a week now, is well stocked and is being used.

We are approaching local garden centers and B&Q re garden items such as plants and compost, we have had a number of requests for these items as people are wanting to be out in their gardens.