About The Space

The Space is very proud of the positive development and impact achieved since our formation in 2017 and we have supported around 400 young people experiencing mental health and emotional well-being challenges in this period. We know we are doing unique, excellent work that no one else is doing and this has been recognised nationally as well as locally.

The Space project works with local young people 4-18 years living with low mental health and emotional resilience and often in crisis, e.g. depression, anxiety, attempted suicide, etc. potentially caused by several issues, including abuse, neglect and trauma. A key part of our service is the provision of face-to-face counselling for young people aged 13-18 years.
In these challenging times we have needed to take a creative approach to how we support our young people other than face to face. We are doing this by moving to a telephone/online service. We as other services anticipate an increase in demand for support now and when schools return in September. In order to respond we have embarked on a recruitment strategy seeking counselors who can help us rise to the challenge.

We are confident that we can continue to support current and future young people during this difficult time ensuring their and our counselors safety and needs.