Grocery shopping

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1 Minchington's Close, Norton-sub-Hamdon, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, TA14 6SX, United Kingdom
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SummaryDo you want to go shopping for someone in your neighborhood?
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Do you want to go shopping for someone in your neighbourhood?

  • You will receive a shopping list by phone or e-mail.
  • Make arrangements in advance about the choice of brands of the products, the shop and the handling of the bill.
  • You hand over the groceries at the door.
  • You comply strictly with all hygiene measures: washing your hands, keeping your distance, coughing in your elbow…

If you sign up for this, the organisation will give you contact details of the person in your neighbourhood who needs help.

Getting there
About Norton-Sub-Hamdon Corona Virus Help
To ensure help is available to anyone who needs it with shopping or medicine collection or just social chats on the phone.
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