Trainee Phone Advisers (Training starts in September)

Vacancy · 4–6 hrs/wk · 1 Sep – 31 Aug
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ITReading & WritingTalking to othersListeningNegotiatingEnglish
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The Volunteer Pathway

If you are interested in joining a virtual classroom with us, and training as an adviser to join our team after the lock-down, we are keen to hear from you.  I realise that this offer may not be right for you because you may only have availability whilst you are not working in your regular job.  If this is the case we completely understand and would hope that at some point in the future you may re-engage us.

If you would like to join us and train as a volunteer adviser and you will have regular availability - usually we ask for 5 – 6 hours a week, we would be delighted to take things further and commence your training.  

Full details and our volunteer application form are on our website (Citizens Advice South Somerset)

What volunteers needNative language skills
What we will provide to volunteersReimbursement of costs
About Citizens Advice South Somerset
We provide advice, advocacy and casework for clients to help them manage through key life events, a change or circumstance or a crisis - improving clients' independence, prosperity and well being.
Signups closing in a year.
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