Request help

Ask your neighbours for help

Perhaps you're self-isolating or just finding it difficult to get out and about because of the changes to how everything is running. Maybe you have a vital profession and need to keep working.

You can ask for help for a variety of things. This could include grocery shopping, collecting medication, help with loneliness or feeling anxious, walking the dog etc..

This is not a service for urgent needs. Please call  0300 790 6275 if you need help urgently.

If you need medical attention, please dial 111 for advice. If you have questions about medical needs, you need to contact the NHS, please read their guidance

If you're a local group or organisation looking for volunteers, please create a campaign page

What is local to you?Look at the organisations already on this site - message them directly with your needs
Nothing local?Can't see anything local to you? Ask for help here
Stay safeA lot of the groups on are new and have formed in response to the corona crisis.
When accessing these groups, please use your judgement as you would in usual circumstances.
If you have any concerns about a group, please let us know by contacting us