Coronavirus Community Help Bridgwater

Coronavirus Community Help Bridgwater

Basic frontline support for people who are unable to get out at all due to vulnerable status.

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Coronavirus Community Help Bridgwater (CCHB) is a growing and always changing gathering of people who want to help out in this difficult time. We are all volunteers and all want to be available for those who might be struggling.

What to do now

If you join as a volunteer, please can you fine tune your membership to one or more of the "Teams"? That way we can ensure you don't get deluged with requests for all the opportunities that might come your way.

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Please go to the sign up link (top right) and follow the instructions.

Then come back to this page and join us.


Join a Team:

Please choose from these teams.

You will be taken to the relevant team where you can sign in for whichever team(s) interest you.

We are all expected to conform to current social-distancing guidelines, so please do not enter anyone's home (of course) and ensure you remain at least 2m apart from others at all times. I'm saying this because it makes sense to keep saying it.

How to do it

We are trying to keep the paperwork to a minimum but these three documents might be of use.

  1. Guidelines for shopping and prescriptions
  2. GDPR policy
  3. A 'card' for you to carry in case you need to say what you're up to

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Great volunteer opportunities to get you started

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